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A good article on Muhurtha as propounded Sri BV Raman is shown here.

In a personal blog an explanation on Chandramana Masams has been aptly described.

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Panchangam, Hindu calendar or almanac was calculated using Vakya (sentences as mnemonics for Panchanga Gananam or calculation) that is suitable for only that city. Of course planetary  postions for panchangas of different states may remain the same for the country having same time zone. Panchanga Graha chara (planetary transit) may change for longitudes.  But modern astrologer adopted Western algorithms and astronomy for their use so that they can create Horoscopes at all places using more accurate algorithms.  But Panchanga users had to follow only the Panchangam used in India for their daily needs for knowing a Vishesa or a festival and other anushthanas.  This situation has now changed and panchangam usable throught the world has been introduced in internet.

Raja Panchangam offers you to tool for erecting panchangam at all places in the world using your favourite Ayanamsa. You can get all possible panchangam solutions in this page itself. Generally websites create 100s of unnecessary pages to show advertisments and to get good search page rankings.  In this page itself you will get Day, Nakashatra, Thithi,  Yoga, Karana the five limbs (meaning of Panchangam). Good time, rahu kala, gouri panchangam, hora, lagna transits, planet transits etc. are shown by using buttons above.

You can select Muhurtha or auspicious moment for various purposes, deeds and occasions by using the above online free tools.
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