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Introduction: Panchangam

Panchang /  Panchangam is day to day practical astrology.  Generally, the Hindus start / commence any deed at an auspicious time as indicated by Panchanga.

An good day selected gives a psychological boost and feel good factor and we feel the goal is half done already.

Panchangam is derived from Sanskrit Pancha (Five) + angam (Parts / Limbs) which are

  1. Day (Day Lord, Dina Porutham, Tara Balam)
  2. Thithi (The distance between Moon and Sun, or Lunar Days counted from New Moon / Full Moon Day i.e. Phases of the Moon cycle.)
  3. Nakshatra (Star of the Day:  Named by 27 asterisms counted from Aswini etc
  4. Yoga (Span of Sun-Moon Distance)
  5. Karana (Half Part of Thithi)

Out of these 5 mostly we select combinations which are fruitful comprising Day, Thithi and Nakshatra and the derivatives are called Amritadi Yogas.

Favourable / Auscpicious

  1. Amrita Yoga
  2. Shubha  Yoga
  3. Siddha Yoga

Not so Favourable / Inasuspcious

  1. Nasa Yoga
  2. Dagdha Yoga ("Burnt")
  3. Marana Yoga

An attempt has been made to have the list of all these factors, calculations of all the elements of Panchangam and automatic suggestions for a good  day considering the purpose / goal on hand for any body.

You can choose auspicious or most suitable dates for the following purposes.

	Ritu Shanti
	Seemandam - Pumsavanam - Functions for pregnant ladies
	Namakaranamm  -  Christening -  Naming Ceremonies
	Ear piercing / Minor Surgeries
	Annna Prasanam  /  First time feeding
	Choulam - Head Shave - Mundan
	Akshararambham  --  Learning alphabets --  
	Upanayana  -  Holy thread marriage
	Vidyarambham   -   Start up for Learning / Education
	Mantrarambham  -  Mantras recitation -  homa -  exorcism etc.
	Vivaham  -   Marriage /   Wedding relating functions
	Vasthu Purusha Lakshanam  -  Vasthu characters /  position / properties.
	Graharambham  -  House Warming
	Grahapravesam  -   House entry 
	KrayaVikrayam  -   Purchase /  Sales  (Buy / Sell)
	Farm Tilling
	Produce Harvest Gathering
	Produce Distribution
	New Diet
	New Dresses
	New Jewel wearing
	Medicines (Ordinary)
	Roga Mukta Snanam  --  first time bath after prolonged illness.










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