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Rahu Kala:
Rahu Kalam, Yama Ghantam, Gouri Panchangam, Auspicious Time for the day etc are shown when Raja Panchangam Main Page <Time View> button is clicked.

Some advice that Rahu Kalam etc should be reckoned from Sun Rise and the duration should depend on the duration of the daytime i.e. difference between sunset and sunrise called "Ahas".  At Raja Panchangam you may be able to set the start time either at 6.00 am or Sun Rise / Sunset time using the radio button just beneath date time place settings


You can select Ayanamsa you like such as Krishnamurthi, Lahiri, Raman, Drik, Vakya, Sayana (Western), Fagan Bradley etc on the Drop Down list at the bottom of Date, Time text boxes. 

Ayanamsa Values are shown in the Planentary position table when Raja Panchangam Main Page <Planets> Button is clicked. 


In Vakya Panchangam as followed in South India, the positions of Nakshatra, Thithi etc are expresseed as balance remaing during the day  in Nazhi / Ghati (Gh. / Na. = 24 Min - 60 Gh making one day.) from Sunrise. If you assume a sunrise time of 6 am uniformly then the balance will be uniform throught India.  Hence we have attempted to recalculate the Nazhis as per actual sun rise, keeping the Vakya longitudes as if they are applicable to Chennai.  That is if a star runs upto 15 Nazhis it may be 12.00 noon for Chennai but it may be only 14:40 Nazhis for Tiruchi if the Sun Rise is lagging by  about 10 minutes.  Most of us will be following Srirangam, Pambu (From Thanjavur) or Tirunelveli panchangam whose nazhi endings will not be correct for Madras (Chennai) because Planetary motions do depend upon sun rise only lagana motions need sunrise sunset adjustments.


For Thiru Ganitham (Drik) system etc. automatically longitudes are taken care of in any place. It is better to translate Hours into Nazhi / Ghati for the sake of universality for Vakya system rather than vice versa.  However, we have given radio button options for both the methods where you can opt the settings before calculations.


Sun Rise / Sun Set:

There is a difference of about 3 minutes between sun rise between Astronomically calculated and panchangam calculated.  Jyotish astrological  panchanga calculations, sun rises are reckoned from the rise of upper limb or first sun rays. Conversely sunsets are also reckoned after the setting of lower limb or last sun rays.  For conventions sake we have adopted this method for especially for Vakya ayanamsa Vedic panchangam systems so that the readings will be mostly match with that of local panchangam printed booklets.



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